A southern sun adventure

January 9th 2017 -

I noticed the other day, a new place in town, called a southern sun adventure. The best tanning in town. I knew it wasn’t on the up and up, when people were leaving as white as they were when they went in. Exactly what I thought, a thai massage Manchester, that not only gave clients a massage but was also a prostitution ring. I immediately called the police. The police got there, arrested 5 people that worked there and 10 clients. Not only a prostitution ring was found, but also a child about 11 years old was found, bound, gagged and chained to a bed. Police could hardly tell if the child was a boy or a girl, the child needed a bath so bad. After a bath and cleaning up real good, She was a girl. Very badly beaten and starved. I was so angry. Thank God she was found safe.

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